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 How To Play 

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Player interaction is very important in Void Breakers. 

Players can use certain cards during their opponent's turn to manipulate their strategies.

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Fighting Styles

bio traits.png

Bio fighters use toughness and adaptability to survive fights. They heal to lessen a deadly blow or evolve to enhance their prowess. If they can't hit hard enough they might learn to do so.

stasis traits.png

Stasis fighters are the rocks to weather the storm of combat. They focus on slowing down the action around them to outlast their enemies. Don't be surprised if a stasis fighter bulks up on armor or revives after being killed.

tech traits.png

Tech fighters use their intelligence over brawn. Dealing damage from a distance while blocking off zones with minions. Tech fighters also apply conditions (blinding, freezing, etc.) to enemies to control the flow of battle.

kinetic traits.png

Kinetic fighters are trigger-happy and energetic. Able to deal big bursts of damage even if it hurts them in the process. Kinetic fighters love speed. They will be able to out-run or run-down any fighter they come across.

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