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Species of Nuropa II

The planet Rakka resides in the Nuropa II galaxy.

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The garuuk are native to the planet Rakka.

Tribal garuuk society is based on the advice and wisdom of the elders. The elders are used for council and are usually the definitive voice on law creation and customs. These elders are only chosen for this position if they've worked laborious jobs.

Tribal garuuk use a primitive voting system, where each attendee drop their voting stone into a container. Each voting stone has the name of the voter etched into it. The garuuk who live outside of the tribal ways have adopted a democratic republic. They reside in the city of Exodus with many other species.

These large, hairy, sentient bipeds, commonly have horns protruding from their forehead. These horns can vary in size, number, and shape.

Exodian garuuk are amazing armor smiths and work together with Karnaki weapon smiths.

Technology use: Minor to high usage.

Average Attack power: 20

Range of Health: 120 - 180


The ozdemir are native to the planet Rakka. Some live in the city of Exodus, many have home territories like Garmhall, and some are nomadic.

The ozdemir have a hunter-based society, where the strongest make decisions for the weak. To them strength is not just physical power, it can be mental or skill-based.

ozdemir are very large, hairy-scaly, sentient semi-bipeds. Their beaked snouts, tails, ears, and fur differ depending on the region they evolved to. Northern ozdemir are the largest and have white coloration. The temperate climate ozdemir are the most common and have brown or black coloration. The southern variety of the species are the smallest, have the greatest variety of beaks, and have extremely colorful fur and plumage. Their fighting styles can be quite varied but the northern variety tend to use strength while the southern use prowess.

Technology use: None to medium usage.

Average Attack power: 20

Range of Health: 150 - 200

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The thenris are native to the planet Rakka.

For eons the thenris have challenged the ozdemir for domination of the Garmhall territory. Their species have been on the planet longer and they attack anything that isn't one of them. There are ancient scratchings on the inside of caves depicting ancient ozdemir fighting thenris.

The thenris, being plants, live off sunlight and water, they need carbon dioxide to breath. But unlike most plants, thenris are massive, thinking, feeling, sentient life-forms. Most plant life on Rakka is purple due to the chemicals they gain from their sun, but thenris are green and in their innermost hearths all other plants are green. This comes from how thenris process the chemicals in their body. Many can temporarily change the color of their foliage to fool prey.

These flora have more variations in their species than any other sentient species. Almost all of them have evolved biological weapons. From poison gas to corrosive acid to spiked bludgeons.

Technology use: No usage.

Average Attack power: 20

Range of Health: 140 - 220


The vondy are an unnaturally created species. Cruel scientist and bane of the Gira, Overlord, created the vondy to be slaves for himself and the Gira. Their sole purpose was to service their masters and repair machines. Even with this miserable existence they never rose up against their servitude. After the Gira invasion failed Overord sent most of his vondy to colonize Rakka. They were extremely unsuccessful which caused Overlord to abandon his slaves. They now are accepted by the natives of Rakka and live among them in small population pockets. Vondy believe in a socialistic society where a semi-voted-on group make the decisions for their commune. Vondy typically refuse to join the democratic republic of the other inhabitants. Opting to live in gated communities.

The vondy are small, hairy, large-eared bipeds. They have short snouts and elongated feet with grasping thumbs. The male vondy have smaller ears than the females and the females often have colorful fur patterns on their ears.

Technology use: Medium to total usage.

Average Attack power: 10

Range of Health: 50 - 80

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Before the Gira invaded Rakka, a small faction of Gira separated and sabotaged the invasion. Led by the charming and strong-willed, Karnak, they put themselves through several iterations of genetic modifications to survive on Rakka's surface. After his death, Karnak's rebels named their nation and species after him. Over 200 hundred years later the Karnaki people are still strong and resourceful. The planet elects a representative every 5 years. This person, called a "Peroa", makes plans for laws and keeps peace among the different nations of Karnak.

Karnaki are larger than the vondy but smaller then garuuk or ozdemir. The thenris have too wide of size variations to compare. Karnaki are usually lean (except some from the city of Exodus) and are mostly-hairless with tan-brown skin. This adaptation allows them to survive in the harsh deserts of Rakka where their species have made livings as weapon smiths. Their knowledge of advanced technology has propelled the planet forward.

Technology use: Moderate to high usage.

Average Attack power: 20

Range of Health: 100 - 160

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