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A Brief Overview

The Voidbreaker Arena was once a non-lethal sport, but as it became more violent it drew a larger audience.

Today, any blood-thirsty brute or sharp-bladed assassin can join in on the carnage. Even wealthy celebrities participate and pay to have an edge.

Veterans of the arena become coaches to teams of fighters. They guide them through the intense action. Providing support and advice during the skirmish.

You have been trying for years to be a coach at the Voidbreaker Arena. You finally get your chance! But once inside things are not as they seem... Favoritism, abductees, sabotage. You discover the creatures who run the arena have questionable motives. In too deep to leave now, you must move forward. Will you guide your team to victory with peaceful actions, brute-force, or corruption?

Maybe your guidance can be their salvation! After all... change comes from the top down.

Chapter 1

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